How to Choose the Right Translator

You have a document to translate. You perform a Google search using the following keywords: (Location) (Language pair) translator. You then land on pages upon pages of links. Who should you choose? How do you make sure you choose the right professional? Here are a few tips to make sure all your translation needs will be met. WEB SITE QUALITY How well is their Web copy written? A translator is essentially a writer; you want to make sure you are dealing with someone with impeccable writing skills. ASK QUESTIONS What are their specializations? Are they familiar with the subject matter at hand? What are their …

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In Transit

As I write this, I am at the Philadelphia International Airport, waiting to board a plane toward Atlanta. Quite famished, I decided to pen a blog post as I have achieved the type of clarity you can only get whilst your stomach is half empty or half full. However, by the time this post goes up, my flight will have already landed in the Peach State. But, revenons à nos moutons. This month-long workation shall serve as an opportunity to spend time with the family while expanding my business in Georgia by attending networking events and simply letting people know what …

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Think Outside the Box

When you’re in business, thinking outside the box is a must. One of my second-quarter goals was to attend networking events, meet new people and let them know that I translate documents and coordinate projects. I did that. As my third quarter is just around the corner, I took a moment to ponder on the lessons I have learned over the last three months. Lesson #1: you do not have to be at an event to network. Always walk around with your business cards. The Jazz Festival or a coffee shop can also serve as a the perfect backdrop for a …

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Never Out of Style

The word “style” can be defined various ways: a way of dress, a way of doing things (e.g., writing) or the fashion of the moment. At Ayuk Translations, we are style enthusiasts. It comes across in the way we render words and expressions into another language. Style is the colour and fragrance of a text, if you will. We may do some enhancing so that the message packs a punch in the target language, but we will never deviate from the original message and voice of the text, hence our tagline “Never out of style.” Style is an integral part of our …

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Requesting A Quote Is As Easy As Pie

In my Draw My Saving Tips video, I mentioned that business owners should focus on having an amazing product and/or service.  Over the last few months, I've been able to build a solid team according to both my standards and those of my clients. I truly appreciate my clients; not only do they entrust interesting projects to us, but they also refer their friends and colleagues to our services! If you need a document translated, mosey over to the Request a quote page and submit it for a free, risk-free assessment. I always respond within less than 24 hours. After …

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