About Magda Ayuk:

A self-proclaimed bookworm in heels, Magdalene “Magda” Ayuk is what you could call a Translator with Style. She is a talented creative writer who enjoys online shopping for the latest fashion trends just as much as she enjoys devouring books, including style guides and dictionaries. Her enthusiasm toward discovering a new word is only matched by the feeling she gets upon stumbling across a vintage find on eBay.

Magda studied Cinema and Communications at Dawson College and also completed a Bachelor’s degree in English literature along with a minor in Spanish with distinction at Concordia University.

Magda has always danced to the beat of her own drum. So, seven years ago, she embarked on a journey to become a professional writer and amassed extensive experience in translation along the way. This proved to be one of her most rewarding experiences to date.

Always working on perfecting her craft, Magda completed a Graduate diploma in Translation in April 2013. She is currently building her budding Montreal-based business and contemplating her next degree. How does she juggle it all you may ask? Being extremely organized helps as do maintaining a healthy lifestyle—she loves green smoothies—and nurturing an unyielding passion for creating impeccable copy laced with a certain je ne sais quoi otherwise known as style.

This decisive approach to life and business is working for her; Magda has provided quality translations for the Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute, Desta, Top Franchise MS, Edu-performance, Evolumedia Group and Social T, among others. Dedicated to sharpening her pen, Magda offers quality linguistic services that remain faithful to the rules that govern the French and English languages.

To learn more about Magda’s professional background, download her CV.